‘Structure, Colour, Space’ – June 2012

These 4 small paintings (40cm x 40cm) might give a new beginning for a body of work dealing with structure, colour and space. At the moment it is an ‘independent abstract process’ which is not relating to the outside world. This might change when I am back in Lanzarote where I would like to engage with a specific project on the island’s architecture. Here I am exploring water-based colour (acrylic, gouache, water-colour, household paints) on canvas; it used to be oil on canvas. I find this ‘new process’ exciting. I scrape the paint onto the surface with different tools. Then I work into the layers of paint and define a structure which holds the ‘spaces in place’. Bright colours are used to lift my soul.

2012-06-29T10:23:43+00:00 June 29th, 2012|Workshops|