Pink Silence – 4 New Burren Paintings

These 4 paintings were created at the beginning of the year 2011. They are an echo of previous work relating to the Burren landscape and the wonderful light conditions around us.

Pink Silence 1 - oil on canvas - 40cm x 40cm - 2011


Pink Silence 2 - oil on canvas - 40cm x 40cm - 2011


Pink Silence 3 - oil on canvas - 40cm x 40cm - 2011


Pink Silence 4 - oil on canvas - 40cm x 40cm - 2011

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New Line Studios

I am very fortunate to live in a unique place on the edge of the Burren. It is here where my workshop, studio & home are located, nestled in the hazel and rock. Most of my students find this very conducive in helping create……….. Some pics below.

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Lanzarote Cactus

The title says it all in so far as where the inspiration has come from. See below a selection of my work entitled “Lanzarote Cactus”.

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Burren College of Art – Aug 18-22

Abstract Painting

Dates: August 18th – 22nd
Tutor: Rita Wobbe
Tuition Fee: €350

This course is designed for the intermediate / advanced learner who is interested in developing a creative process that will lead to the creation of his or her own
abstract paintings. During the course you will be using drawing and painting skills, focusing on structure, form and space. During a daily routine of looking at and
discussing different art movements of the 20th Century you will consider historically significant paintings by Wassily Kandinsky, Piet Mondrian, Mark Rothko, William
Scott and other modern masters. The class will also investigate contemporary painting, discussing works by artists of the ‘new abstraction’, including Gerhard Richter,
Sean Scully, Pat Steir, Ian McKeever, Terry Winters, Olav Jenssen, Per Kirkeby and others. The course is studio based. Some experience essential

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Exhibition at Belltable Arts Centre 2011


Abstract Expressions

Tuesday 7th June to Friday 29th July
Belltable – Limerick

The power of abstract painting lies in its richness of ambiguity and possibility of human expression.

Over the last 100 years abstract painting has been shifting bounderies and questioning our perception of reality.

The painting process is a form of ‘mapping the brain’, using references of the outside world which enter and disappear. These references become one on the ‘overall’ surface of the painting. In fact the painting itself becomes the subject and the object; it carries its own reality. At times the painting seems to be alive; it breathes in and out. The layers of paint are like a skin over the skeleton of an animal. ‘A painting is, it does not have to be explained’.

Abstract painting uses different means of expression; colour, line, form, surface texture, etc. are freely used as elements during the creative process.

Abstract painting is challenging; it gives the viewer ‘more to do’ when engaging with ‘a process of transformation’. It allows us to re-experience the thrill of making and creating a piece of art. After all it is a platform for free expression which we all like to enjoy and appreciate.

Rita Wobbe and John Collins have been working as abstract painters for many years.

Strong connection with Limerick and the Limerick School of Art and Design brought them together and provided the foundation for this exhibition.


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