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Rita Wobbe

Rita Wobbe was born and raised in Germany and studied Fine Art at Muenster University/PH. Having moved to Ireland in 1988, she attended an MA program at Limerick  School of Art and Design. Rita is a practicing artist and has exhibited in Ireland, Spain, Germany, the Netherlands.

Rita also holds abstract painting workshops at her purpose built studio near Kinvara and currently divides her time working in Ireland and Lanzarote.
‘It is my intention to use this website in order to provide you with up-to-date information on current work, upcoming exhibitions and workshops, and in addition to providing more day to day happenings on my blog’.

Over the past 20 years I did a lot of abstract paintings. The world of abstract painting interested me because it used to be such a male domain in the past. There was also my German up-bringing and art historical movements such as the Bauhaus era and German Expressionism (later American Expressionism) that caught my attention as a student.
A search for identity and finding a position in all of this has been my concern. My abstract paintings were often a very free exploration of colour, form and texture based on natural phenomena. In my mind large, colourful abstractions represented a sense of freedom and space, a ‘touch of wildness’ that needed to be expressed, physically and emotionally. The forms were organic and suited a female understanding of life. So did the colour scheme with rich pinks, oranges, reds, turquoise and cobalt blue.
The figurative work came as a surprise. At some stage I had started to draw female figures on paper. I was just playing with ideas of relationships, triggered off by workshops in family constellation. During the winter months of 2013 I continued exploring my relationship to myself as a woman. A sequence of 7 small paintings, entitled ‘Sense of Self’, developed and were leading to a new body of work.
At the moment I am returning to more abstract explorations based on more general themes and observations in the garden and close to the sea. ‘

I am represented by the Doorway Gallery and the Origin Gallery – Dublin. I am also represented by Catherine Hammond and the Russell gallery, New Quay.
In Lanzarote I am represented by ArtenMala – Mala

At the moment I am preparing for an exhibition at the Gallery Cafe in Gort, Co. Galway. The exhibition will open in July and run through August. It will have a selection of abstract/colourful paintings from 2011 -2021

Phone: 0851200309

email: ritawobbe13@gmail.com